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Workshops run by the Irish Nut Growers Association (in collaboration with Fruit and Nut Nurseries)


Nut Cultivation

Nut Cultivation

This part classroom, part outdoor workshop covers all aspects of successful nut cultivation in Ireland. While the main focus of the workshop is on cobnuts (cultivars of the common hazelnut) and walnuts, other nuts covered in the workshop include chestnut, heartnut, monkey puzzle and edible oak, all of which have potential in Ireland. Topics covered in the workshop include site and soil assessment, climate and micro-climate, orchard planning, site enhancement and development, choice of varieties, pollination, planting, pruning, feeding and maintenance, harvesting and nut tree propagation. The workshop also examines the commercial opportunities for nut crops and is a must for anyone considering nut production on a commercial scale.

The workshop will take place at the Regan Nut Farm ( the venue for the very successful 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 workshops), home to over 900 cobnut, walnut and heartnut trees. The Regan Nut Farm contains Ireland's only commercial-size walnut orchard.

The outdoor part of the workshop will comprise a guided tour of the cobnut, walnut and heartnut orchards.

Course participants receive a free copy of the Irish Nut Growers Handbook (normally sold at €20)

Date: Saturday August 22nd 2020

Venue: County Dublin

Price: €100.00 (including lunch)

Important note: The 2019 workshop was completely booked out and we had nearly enough additional enquiries to have filled a second workshop. Regretably, we can only host one nut cultivation workshop in 2020 (though we hope to offer several additional ones in 2021). Intending participants for 2020 are advised to book as early as possible.



Orchard Establishment and Maintenance

This part classroom and part hands-on practical workshop looks at all aspects of fruit or nut orchard establishment and maintenance. Topics covered include site assessment, drainage and other remedial work, shelter and micro-climate modification, soil amendments and green manures, variety selection, planting, staking, protection from animals, mulching, pruning, disease and weed control, and harvesting.The nut species include cobnuts, walnuts, heartnuts, pinenuts and chestnuts. The fruit species include apples, pears, cherries and plums.

This is NOT a beginners workshop. Some prior knowledge of fruit and/or nut trees is assumed. The workshop is complementary to the Nut Cultivation workshop (see below).

The outdoor component of the workshop will include planting and pruning of fruit and nut trees in an orchard situation.Detailed workshop notes will be provided.

Date: To be announced

Venue: To be announced

Price: €100.00 (including lunch)



Booking and Payment

To book a place please send deposit of €50 per place required. Places CANNOT be reserved without a deposit.


Making Payment

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Payment by Cheque, Postal Order or Bank Draft

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Enquiries and further information

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