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Welcome to the website of the Irish Nut Growers Association

Our mission is to promote nut-growing in Ireland

Education: to raise awareness of the potential (at least five percent of our total diet could come from nuts grown in Ireland)

Training: to provide practical workshops on nut cultivation

Trialling: to research which species of nut, and which varieties are most suited to Irish conditions

Sustainability: to encourage the most sustainable use of land, particularly with respect to future food security


On 30th August, we ran the first Irish Nut Growers Workshop. The workshop was attended by 25 people (the maximum number we could accommodate) and was a great success. Follow-up workshops will be run at the same venue in 2016. All participants in the recent workshop received a copy of the 70 page Irish Nut Growers' Handbook. Our intention is that many extracts from the handbook, particularly those pertinent to site assessment and development, will eventually be posted on this website.